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INTRODUCTION : Duliajan College Library was established in 1969 along with Duliajan College.From the very beginning it has tried to serve library users by different collection of books ,journals,magazines,news paper and other services.Now it has a sizable collection with a beautiful building equipped with all adequate facilities.
LIBRARIAN’S VIEW : As a librarian of Duliajan College Library ,from the very beginning I have been noticing that it has a good environmental future prospects and Ido believe so,and have been trying to improve the library till today.
ORGANISATION : Duliajan college library is fully exercised by an advisory committee and principal of the college.Our Library organizational chart as follows :

Library Accomodation

   (i) Area of the library :: 3688 sq.ft.
(ii) Area of the staff room :: 13.5 ft.x 11 ft.
(iii) Reading Space (teachers) :: 50ft.x 14ft.
(iv) Reading Space (students) :: 948 sq.ft.
(v) Stock space (books/journal/magazine) :: 63x28sq.ft.
Library Assets :
1) Xerox Machine : 1 no.
2) Computer : 9 nos.
3) Shelves & Almirah : 43 nos.
4) Chairs : 49+28+13
5) Table : 25 nos.
6) Catalogue cabinet : 2 nos.
7) News paper reading table : 4 nos.
8) Charging trays : 2 nos.
9) Journal/Magazine display shelves : 4 nos.
10) Display Board : 2 nos.
11) Computer table : 5 nos.
* Staff Position :The staff position of the library are as follows :
Librarian - 1
Library Assistant -1
Library bearer -2
*The present Library Staff are :
Librarian : Mrs. Mondira Chutia.
Librarian Assistant : Mrs. Malarani Buragohain.
Library Attendant : Mr. Mridul Saikia & Miss Santana Buragohain.
Management of the Organization :
The whole management system has been governed by an honourable Advisory Committee and the Principal. The Librarian is to be abide by their instructions.The acquisition policies and budget are approved in the meetings of this committee.
The present advisory committee are :
1) Chairman : Dr. A.K.Gogoi, Principal
2) Vice Chairman : Mr. T.Sonowal, Vice Principal
3) Secretary : Mrs. Mondira Chutia, Librarian
4) Members : Dr. Dip Saikia, Deptt. of Physics.
Dr. P.J.Borthakur, Deptt of Maths.
Mr. Dhruba Hazarika, Deptt of Sociology.
Mr. Parag Saikia, Deptt. of Commerce.
Mr. Monoj Kr. Deka, Deptt. of Computer Science
Miss. Shyamali Singha, Deptt. of Computer Science


 Finance : The source of finance of the Duliajan college library comes from parent body, State Govt. and U.G.C.Grant. All financial activities are conducted by the principal cum secretary of the college.
The Acquisition policies and Budget :
The college has Library Advisory Committee.The acquisition policies and budget are approved in the meetings of this committee.
Book and Journal selection is done
On the recommendations of Library Advisory Committee members
On the recommendations of Head of the Departments and other faculties
Recommendations from the students are also considered
Book selection tools used are Publishers’ Catalogues, Book Reviews in journals and newspaper and Internet Bookshops for tracing current Indian and Foreign Publications.
To strengthen the acquisition policy, every year “ Book Exhibitions” in and Book Fair Collaboration with reputed publishers and booksellers are organized.

Library Services

 The services that the library provides are :
1) OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) service
2) Reference and Referral services
3) Book Bank Schemes / Deposit schemes
4) Exciting “News Corner” which is updated daily
5) Newspaper service ( 7 newspapers along with Employment News )
6) Newspaper clipping services
7) Internet Service (Broad Band)
8) Photocopy services
9) Current Awareness Service
10) Information Literacy Programmes
11) Reading room facilities
12) Display of new arrivals
The library remains open at 9 am to 4 pm. Two non-transferable library cards are issued to each students and four lib. Cards are issued to each teachers for home lending of books. Nos. of books issued per students / teachers per card are given below :
H.S. - 1 (ONE) book
Degree (General) - 2 (two) book
Degree (Major) - 4(four) books.
Teachers - 8 (eight) books.
Both teachers and students can borrow a book for the period of time 15 days.Daily 200 nos.of visitors visit the library and the average nos of books circulated are 250 approx.
-Library adopts Close access system for H.S.students and Open access system for Graduate students and staff members.
- The learning resources are systematically arranged in various sections like Book Stacks,Periodicals section and Reference section.
-The books are arranged subject-wise.
-Efficient and up-to-date OPAC helps in retrieving relevant books.
-Current Awareness services,New Arrival Corner,Library Orientation and Information Literacy Programmes help in maximizing the use of the learning resources.


Amar Asom
The Dainik Janambhumi 
The Assam Tribune 
Purvanchal Prahari 
The Hind  
The Telegraph 
Anandabazar Pratrika 
Employment News 
Year wise statement of Books and   
Journals purchased.

List the infrastructural development of the library over the last two years

Learning Resources

 1 Working hours of the Library
a) On working days 8.00 hrs.
b) On holidays --
c) On examination days 8.00 hrs.
2. Average number of faculty visiting the library / day 45
(Average for last two years)
3. Number of journals subscribed to the institution 27 nos.
4. Does the library have the open access system ? Yes
5. Total collection of (Number) 15,540 nos.

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